Recent Parntership with Rejuve

Recent Parntership with Rejuve


Vita Autentica: An Emerging Wellness Store in the Canadian Market

While embarking on his personal wellness journey ten years ago, Palmarella, like many, struggled to navigate the vast landscape of supplements, often feeling overwhelmed by conflicting information and marketing hype. He nonetheless persevered by educating himself until he mastered the ins and outs of sourcing high-quality wellness products.

By then, he started thinking that it should be much easier for people to care for their wellness. And with that, his vision of Vita Autentica came to be.

Established in the heart of Montreal, Vita Autentica is proud to serve health and longevity enthusiasts across all Canadian provinces. Born from a vision to nurture a health-conscious lifestyle among individuals and the broader Canadian society, this store is more than just an online source of wellness products — it’s a commitment to fostering well-being.

From nourishing supplements and vitamins to beneficial herbs, essential nutrients, and even mushrooms, the range is diverse yet unified by quality. This commitment shines through in their selection of nearly 100 products, each chosen with the utmost care for its authenticity and efficacy.

But it’s not just about the products. Vita Autentica places immense value on customer service, striving to offer a personalized shopping experience that meets each customer’s unique needs. For a truly holistic wellness experience, Vita Autentica also offers invigorating services such as cupping in partnership with an osteopath who brings over 15 years of expertise to the table.

This combination of quality, care, and specialized services makes Vita Autentica a powerful new force in Canada’s wellness landscape.

By the Rejuve Community, For the Rejuve Community

Once again, we can’t overstate how proud we are that this marks our first partnership to arise from within the Rejuve Community itself. This collaboration isn’t just a milestone; it’s a vivid realization of our vision: a decentralized wellness ecosystem where everyone benefits, contributing and engaging in ways that enrich our collective pursuit of health and longevity.

“Being a part of the Rejuve Community enables Vita Autentica to bring its specialized range of health products to a global community, amplifying our ability to make a positive impact on individuals health”

John Palmarella | Founder of Vita Autentica



Palmarella, both a business owner in the wellness space and a strong believer in Web 3.0 technologies, had already found himself at home in our community. He then saw an opportunity not just to expand Vita Autentica, but to truly make a difference. By partnering with Rejuve.AI, he can grow his customer base while bringing his high-quality wellness products closer to fellow community members who are passionate about their longevity. Plus, he offers them the flexibility to shop for their health needs using RJV.

This strategic move embodies the essence of “by the community, for the community,” making it a landmark achievement for us all.

Looking Ahead

With the ink still fresh on the Vita Autentica partnership, we’re excitedly setting our sights on fostering more valuable connections within our community. This is just the beginning. We’re here to back our members, whether they’re experienced wellness business owners or newcomers eager to enter the market.

As a token of gratitude for the Rejuve Community, Vita Autentica is offering an exclusive 10% discount on all orders made through this link. Don’t miss out!


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